Smoke Trooper

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Smoke Trooper [Presale] Limited edition enamel pin set
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Custom Enamel / Laser Backstamp
[LE??] [OG] Black Nickel X Full Glow (1)
[LE??] [R2D2] Blue Dyed X Full Glow (2)
[LE??] [MAUL] Black Dyed X Full Glow (3)

[LE??] [YODA] Antique Copper X Full Glitter (4)
[LE??] [VADER] Black Nickel X Full Glow (5)
[LE??] [DARK SIDE] Antique Gold X Full Glitter (6)

[LE??] [OBI-WAN] Anodized X Full Glow (7)
[LE??] [BB8] Red Dyed X Full Glow (8)
[LE??] [CHEWBACCA]White DyedX Full Glitter (9)
[LE??] [SKYWALKER] Purple Dyed X Full Glitter (10)
All raw variants are [LE10]

Raws are Anodized, Antique Gold with Epoxy
Variant Sets include all [9] Variants

Baller Sets include all [10] Variants and [2] Raws
Artist: @SebelahMata X @Dopeowl