Jelly *Presale*

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Jelly // Jellyfish are found all over the world, from surface waters to the deep sea.

LE30 GREEN // Partial Glow + Epoxy
LE25 BLUE // Full Glitter + Epoxy
LE25 COTTON CANDY // Full Glow + Epoxy on purple Dyed metal
LE20 DEEP SEA RAINBOW // Anodized metal with glitter + epoxy
LE20 BLOOD SUCKER GLOW // Red Dyed metal with glow + epoxy

**Only 10 presale sets available, each presale set will come with a secret LE15 variant (6) pins in each set.**

**5 SETS WILL DROP WHEN THEY LAND with the secret variant for $120 a set**

**Blindbags will have an equal opportunity and the remaining 5 Blood Sucker and 5 Deep sea rainbow**

Artist: Jason Durbin l @Dopeowlart