Gromer Tripson *Presale*

$18.00 On Sale

Image of Gromer Tripson *Presale*

Gromer Tripson Limited edition Enamel pin set

-Triple Posted
-Back stamp mold with Enamel Fill

LE35 OG GROMER // IT'S AN OG (top left)
LE25 KIWK-E-MART // Full Glow + Epoxy on purple Purple Plated meta (Top 2nd)
LE25 SLIME SHOW // 1/2 Glitter 1/2 Glow + Epoxy on Green plated metal (Top 3rd)
LE25 INDIGOMER // Partial Glow + Epoxy on White dyed metal (top right)
LE20 DUFF BEER // Full Glitter + Epoxy on Copper metal (bottom left)
LE20 MOE'S ANO TAVERN // Full Glow + Epoxy on Anodized metal (bottom middle)
LE15 BLUEBERRY DONUTS // Full Glitter + Epoxy on Blue Plated Metal (bottom right)

**Each presale set will include all 7 pins + A LE/10 Raw gift pin**

**Only 10 presale sets available**

**Remaining LE Duff Beer, Moe's ano tavern & Blueberry donuts will have an equal opportunity at blind bags**

Artist: @The_Grominator l Grominate